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Learn Chinese by Mario Kart

Play notes about Mario Kart Tour


What is Mario Kart Tour?

Mario Kart Tour is a smartphone game published by Nintendo.

It supports multiple languages including Chinese. In non-Chinese game translation, Chinese sometimes mean only Traditional Chinese. Mario Kart also supports Simplified Chinese. So I played the game for learning.


Where is text?

The main content of game is obviously race. Characters, item selections are texts. In Mario Kart Tour, you need to choose character, kart and glider before race start. Each has each charasteristics.

The words appeared are described below.


  • 马里欧 Mario
  • 桃花公主 Princess Peach
  • 耀西 Yoshi
  • 奇诺比奥 Toad
  • 酷霸王 Bowser
  • 森喜刚 Donkey Kong
  • 迪迪刚 Diddy Kong
  • 嘿呵 Shy Guy
  • 慢慢亀 Koopa Troopa

It seems translation come from sound. Koopa Troopa comes from visual image.


  • 赛道 Track
  • 角色 Character
  • 杯赛 Cup match
  • 宝贝 Baby
  • 肥皂 Soap
  • 蘑菇 Mushroom
  • 冲刺 Spurt
  • 提升 Lift up
  • 喇叭 Trumpet

Baby is treasure.


As expected, it's race game. Texts are minor part.

Future Work

Novel game?