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How to draw Outline-less Illustration by iPad and Clip Studio

Notes about outline-less illustrations


I love the drawing style of Hyogonosuke and A Merica. I often use their drawing as wallpaper for smartphone. They use software but the picture has feeling like analogue drawing.

The genre is called as outline-less illustration. A Merica published the book and Photoshop way is described. However I mainly use CLIP STUDIO on iPad. So, I tried outline-less illustration with Apple Pencil.

Convert Photoshop Brush to Clip Studio Brush

Using noisy newspaper-like texture is the key. The preparation from scratch is possible. For convenience, I converted the download bonus of the book. Photoshop brush is converted to Clip Studio's one.

  1. Convert to PNG by abrViewer on Windows
  2. Move PNG to iPad via Dropbox or iCloud.
  3. Load PNG to iPad Clip Studio
  4. Change layer to Black/White. Register as tip material.
  5. Clone existing brush. Change Material to registered one.
  6. Brush size random min. 70

By these, the line like this can be used.

Some examples

I use the brush for the illustrations.

1 - Protagonist of Sarazanmai(Kappa mode)

2 - SUPER SHIRO Combating The Evil


I'm not good at drawing shadows, but the brush helps the impression.

I heard the drawing imbalance can be found easily if the object is real human because people always watch them. If you are not illustrator, mini characters and animals are good start point.